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About the West Texas Salseros

The West Texas Salseros’ purpose is to bring a taste of salsa dance (bachata & other Latin dance crazes) to West Texas and the Permian Basin by organizing various local events and most importantly, sharing the joy that can only be experienced through salsa.

The West Texas Salseros was founded in the summer 2009 by local salsa & Latin music aficionados.

Their common vision and passion for Salsa, naturally brought this group together and has kept them together for 7 years so far. Their shared excitement for the dance led them to put each of their talents together and bring the salsa scene alive to the Midland/Odessa area.

WTS started by partnering with local dance studio owners, Ronnie and Ray Reynosa of Love To Dance Studio, to begin teaching Salsa and Bachata classes.

The classes then led to many of their students asking for a place to dance and practice their newly learned moves. This led to several venues opening their doors throughout the years, including popular night club, Graham Central Station and for the last three years with The Reserve at the Double Tree by Hilton.

The group has also been involved with organizing several pre-parties for local Latin concerts in the area, including for well-known bachata super star, Prince Royce.

► In November 2010, West Texas Salseros brought the first Black & White Salsa Party on Nov. 6, 2010 at Graham Central Station featuring Texas Salsa Open & Texas Salsa Classic champions, Carlos Rincones & Jessica Szota of Austin, TX.

► In 2011, the Black & White Party took place once again on Nov. 5, 2011 at Graham Central Station, this time featuring several prominent salseros from all over Texas, including Collective Essence of Austin, TX, Denise and Gabriel Yamal of Houston, TX and Mambo Dallas of Dallas, TX.

► In 2014, The West Texas Salseros hosted the first West Texas Salsa Festival on July 18-19, 2014 at the DoubleTree Ballroom. The event included Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba workshops, performances from Texas, California and local teams, social dancing with band Team Havanna, DJ Juice and DJ Fantasma and a pool party. Performances were presented by: Katie Mambo and Wander Rosario of Dallas, Majesty In Motion of California, Favian Bustos and Cynthia Mendez of Austin, Los Anormales del Mambo of Dallas, Collective Essence of Austin, West Texas Salseros and Love To Dance Studio teams.

► In 2015, The WTS West Texas Salsa Festival held July 24-26, 2015 at the DoubleTree Ballroom. The event included dance workshops, social dancing, pool party and performances featuring heavy hitters such as Shani Talmor, native of Israel, of Los Angeles, CA, Yeñere Caleño of Colombia (2015 America’s Got Talent competitors), Lee Rios of San Antonio, TX, Favian Bustos and Cynthia Mendez of Austin, TX, Timba Tumbao Pro Team from Dallas, TX, Wonder Rosario and Julievette Sanjurjo of Dallas, TX, Anthony Blanco San Diego, CA, and Lisa Vargas of Austin, TX, Casino Stars of Venezuela. Other performers included Semeneya pro (Debut) of San Antonio, TX, Ritmo Caleño (Debut) of San Antonio, TX, Meyumbe (Debut) of San Antonio, TX, Mini Yenyere Caleño kids team of San Antonio, TX, Mambo y Sabor of Dallas, TX, and Va Bailar of Austin, TX. Featured DJs also included DJ Alex from Puerto Rico, Favian Bustos from Austin, DJ Plazuiz and Deejay Louie of El Paso.

► In 2016, The WTS Salsa Summer Fest held July 22-23, 2016 at The Reserve, DoubleTree, Midland, featured “If It Ain’t Sexy – Don’t Do It” - Jay Stylz of Dallas who presented a Bachata bootcamp, part of “The Fifty Shades of Jay.” The event also included a free lesson, social dancing and a pool party.

► Currently, Latin Nights are held and selective Fridays at Club Crude at Bottoms Up. Check for latest dates on the West Texas Salseros Facebook page or Love To Dance Studio Facebook page or Calendar.

The West Texas Salseros supports the Texas Salsa scene (bachata and other Latin dances crazes included) throughout and look forward to bringing more events to continue growing the Salsa scene locally and introducing Odessa/Midland salsa dancers to the salsa community in Texas.

For questions about the West Texas Salseros or for information about local dance classes, contact Love to Dance Studio at 432-349-1372 or visit www.lovetodance studio.com.

Latin Nights are held on selective Fridays at Club Crude at Bottoms Up. Check for latest dates on the West Texas Salseros Facebook page or Love To Dance Studio Facebook page or Calendar.